MAAKbar is for everyone


MAAKbar wants to be the place in Leuven where you learn to recover together, inspire each other with upcycling ideas and can lend tools.

That is why we are happy to make our spaces available outside opening hours for anyone who wants to organize an activity related to repair, sharing or reuse.


How does it work?
* We work with a rate per part of the day (morning, afternoon or evening)

* We use 3 different rates:

a) for recognized organizations or companies: 50 euros per part of the day

b) for individual teachers who organize a paying activity: 25 euros per part of the day

c) for non-paying activities: no fixed rate, but a target amount of 5 euros per participant

* We provide coffee, tea, water. If desired, we can order sandwiches from Content or EETba (a) r.

* Communication: The organizer makes a Facebook event and MAAKbar includes this in its monthly calendar.


Contact Magda Peeters - This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.